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    Pipelines Overview

    Aubin Pipelines
    Maintaining pipelines and maximising flow using low-risk materials technology
    Gel Pigs We are a market leader in producing novel gel technologies for oil and gas pipeline pigging. Our Gel Pig product range demonstrates clear superiority against mechanical pigging techniques for multibore pipelines. The semi-solid elastic pigs perform in a multitude of situations. Gel Pigs are effective where there is limited access, a lack of Pig Launcher/Receivers, changes in pipeline diameter or where a conventional pig would get stuck and fail.

    Our products mean engineers can maintain pipelines with a range of applications, both on and offshore, including cleaning, debris removal, de-oiling and de-watering. Our scientists and engineers are experienced in blending the products, manufactured and tailored with the specific properties to suit your individual job. Pipeline Gels Our family of Pipeline Gels is frequently used in challenging applications, including flow assurance and subsea spool protection. They can be applied on their own but are commonly used in combination with pigs to enhance pipeline cleaning and protection. Gels transport pipeline debris, provide lubrication and protection to pigs of all types, thereby reducing the risk of a stuck pig. Our CEFAS-approved products have been tested and developed to meet your needs. All of our Pipeline Gel products are approved on the Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS).
    Aubin Pipeline Gel
    42 inches. The largest diameter of pipeline ever to be treated with Aubin pipeline gel.